ghtr » cool
ghtr » cool
HoofKid » *Sigh* wasn't in anything till that last post lol. look i blessed your lil comment box with awesome you can die in peace now.
Lily » Hello. Stumbled upon here from K/H's pantyrant blog. *waves*
K/H » Ahhhh, Within Temptation is the shit!!! Major brownie points Liam!
meh..... » hehe lol i finally posted somthing....hope ur happy now dude ^^
LiamtheHopefull » ll ur not people ur my simoneee ^_^
simone » lol liam am never gonna leave u alone dont u get it?
simone » o fk boi liam i love your bucket list, is fo kix. like wow. i didnt want it to finish
Sydthegirlhuluvliamp » o ok...fine! is not nature!man is it's enemy!!!i had a dream like that once.n nature won in mine too!yay!!!NATURE RULES!!!men r asses!lolzO.o
liam the sorryto syd » lol hehe sorry i was supposed to go with my mom but she lefteded me
Syd » a certain somebody said he'd visit me LAST WEEK!!!...i'm still waitin on that visit liam >_<
Syd » DUUDDDDEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! i like totally LUV the poem!(sorry for soundin so...white)lolz
liamtheslightlydepre » hehe i liek aaron
AarronUlquolirria » oii liam jusss leaving a comment kno ya going tru rough patch man but relax let it move tru you rember relax breathe feel ure surroundings and dont care about it relax ureself and it wud fix itself
SimThe.The.Huggable » O M G!!!!!!!!!!! that poem is the best. i was so taken aback. i thiefing it. no i mean i.. can i put it on my blog!!! PLEASEEE. i mean i'll liam rivero or whatever you want.. lol.
Syd » ey! u hv any idea how much time i've spent on msn in the past week?!just waitin on liam or simone to sign in.simone did...but liam? oh no! no liam! pfft!!! ya i know it's ur pc.w/v
Syd » liam cud bootleg anything from me anytime he wants.he's liam!
Syd » liam cud bootleg anything from me anytime he wants.he's liam!
chello » just stoppin by for a visit tew say .. happy thursday:] lol
simsim » im no hater
namz » li u stil need a life!
Shaunna » ^_^....awwww.........sry 4 not coming on last night my cuzns kidnapped me and made me spend the night....i missed u too dont wry^^
Leah » hehe wat u doin Liam? Im bored! BULLET STILL RULZ an u need to get some on this playlist
LiamtheAverage » nah nah no chellos alowed on playlist <bullet is awesomur that system> ya cuteness overides my rules so go ahead xP
chello » duuude wassaahh hehe gts sum gud sngs here lol im jus gona stay here n let all of em play ehhe
simone » zahno is lame lol
simone » lol i like suza....
sorzahno » also if you decide to write about mickel. don't leave out the nice things . ok
sorzahnp » thanx dog i think dude plz plz plz stop calling me suza i like zahno more
simone » steups u said you were gonna post something....buh u didnt
Namee » liam wts upw/ ur name??"rockarific" hahaa
Namee » hey
simoneeee » ay look a black man
liam the rockarific » xX u looked to busy neway
Sydney » oooooooooo gud luck with the book ^_^it'll probly be a gud,no great n i so sowwy i didn't say more than 'hi' lol...i'm so horrible at socialising +_+ lol...l8rs
sadface » s
sadface » ud swear i put the blog there for her lol write bout dat latr
sadface » fuck you :-/
niji » u is a real buller sadface...omg. ur blog is like a girl blog and ur style of writing is femi nine
sadface » yeah he plays for system of a down when shavo ascends nto heaven for being so awesome
sadface » yeah he plays for system of a down when shavo ascends nto heaven for being so awesome
Sydney » sauke playin bass...BOSS!!!
Sydney » heyhey...depression sucks!!!...i can totally relate 2 u...u'll find ur answers sooner or later...^^
Sydney » heyhey...depression sucks!!!...i can totally relate dude...u'll find ur answers sooner or later...^^
simone » i'm here waiting on you to come online and for your information i did bother to read your long ass post. all 2 hours of your questions..
simone » i... i .. 'feel you'
simone » i... i .. 'feel you'
simone » dat was dred, i'm still more depressed
Kristen » Hey Kristen here Talk to you later love yeah as a friend
5fingersmackofdeath » aww, ur "too lazy" to read all that? well, im just gonna let alllll ur gfs n visitors read it anyway. let'em see just wut kinda person u r.
5fingersmackofdeath » 9.png
5fingersmackofdeath » 9.png
5fingersmackofdeath » 9.png
sadface » shpow some love once u hit please xD
sadface » o whore so that is wat this is i never tried it