Entry: -_-well i en write here long time so Friday, September 19, 2008

to a sweet innocent motivated ..cant think up of anymore thatll realluy discribe you plus ur paranioa :P:P

form 5 is being fairly good i can actually make it contrary to my old  beliefs  i actually see so hope so wish me luck and believe i can do it!
school is good ...not so good today, was the day of little friends as my friends went to the morgue  and it was just me n brian(andrew its his name now since arctic munkeys made a song about him...)yeah we roxx , thas school for you.. 
people? what do u mean by that
well i ll put soemthign random for that  lol me n andrew liming alot now... n me n jean luc being real cool with each other infacts im getting real good with my friends !@!im talking to  a new girl from your school kimberly shes real cool ..umm im stalking my sisters old friend currently shes real cool i swear ummmm (ze other one who be on my blog not minding her own buisness who i told you about) well surprisingly she used to listen to rock other than lp and evanesence it was quite a surprise to me
Home is fucked lately real fucked (dysfunction by 10 ) but i got a job so i have enuf munny to play around without going home lol
things are awesome  im in karate and im getting back a lil fit from it lol  my job is being the bomb    lol damn i wish i cud speak to you idk 
oh i will lvoe to see the painting !@! or w/v it is i mean
i hope these art lessons pay off and i damn the day u go to form 5 if this is how four is for you its been the longest possible ten days i swear to god time is moving real slow it feels like 2 months   lol,o yeah please dont agree with sello its pissing me off(well  u didnt but dont hes so effing annoying )
kristoff is rocking out now LOL listening to emo music
me n my friends coming out of  the rock closets i wear spikes to school lol and  we actually speak of our music loudy now all i got to do is get like the great kaze heathen and get a cd player in skew... nehow when i type here it kinda feels how you make me feel when im talking to you  lol but ill stop now cuz tis feels weird !
ps.jean luc hates crazy town!!@!
ps.ps . moneen( a band) rules
ps.ps.ps. lol  be happy ^_^ life resolves  n u will look badk at this one day and feel...umm...feel somehow lol xP
nehow i gots to go sleep
liam <3 Serenity :P (even if i aint trapped her (YET)JOKE!(yeah i can put inverted  things in inverted things cuz i rule) nehow)


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