Sunday, January 02, 2011
I dont have any dreams anymore.

years have gone and o god the things i have done  promises ive almost fucking 20..thats life for  you..all that resolve for nothing its to have a meaning just say what u have to say and not atall the same  person  cannot atall give one fuck..incapable of caring for anything selfish in a way...just for the sake of remembering my own life i will write this cuz i kinda feel sorry for myself for putting so much thought into this cliche piece of shit called life..instead of living it..Fuck it all you fucking bastards live it it to fuck off before its gone.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010
Fiena wu Soxx :P


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Sunday, March 14, 2010
3 years.

if u ever stumble upon just a tag...i rebuke verything i said here more or less i anyone cares ...i grew up,i lost my faith in woman hood and whatever go i believed in everythign jsut slipped to fuck away...i got a guitar ...i got with that simone girl we broke up became friends again and now i dont know where she is slipknot is soft core rock to me ...i can do harder vocals myself... its 5.15 am...i couldnt sleep jsut got home from liming with andrew and suza... my friends stuck around .. who would of thought .. suza andrew and chino stuck around the most the rest of previously mentioned friends are gone more or less...lifes a short song i dont miss them they not gone on bad notes cept for some.. I find my self pondering on the irony of life...and its bitterness lately...all my free time is over as i start work on monday... i think this is how my life ends.. that era to bigger and better things...who knows?

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

and im doing it my way mother fucker
ive fast die young
 the crazy mother fucker way
Fuck the police and Society infact fuck everything cuz im doing it my way
rebeling jiust to fucking rebel breaking shit to cause chaos and cursing to offend my fucking way
just letting my self know you know lol 
pointless existence is somewhat fun lol

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Friday, September 19, 2008
-_-well i en write here long time so

to a sweet innocent motivated ..cant think up of anymore thatll realluy discribe you plus ur paranioa :P:P

form 5 is being fairly good i can actually make it contrary to my old  beliefs  i actually see so hope so wish me luck and believe i can do it!
school is good ...not so good today, was the day of little friends as my friends went to the morgue  and it was just me n brian(andrew its his name now since arctic munkeys made a song about him...)yeah we roxx , thas school for you.. 
people? what do u mean by that
well i ll put soemthign random for that  lol me n andrew liming alot now... n me n jean luc being real cool with each other infacts im getting real good with my friends !@!im talking to  a new girl from your school kimberly shes real cool ..umm im stalking my sisters old friend currently shes real cool i swear ummmm (ze other one who be on my blog not minding her own buisness who i told you about) well surprisingly she used to listen to rock other than lp and evanesence it was quite a surprise to me
Home is fucked lately real fucked (dysfunction by 10 ) but i got a job so i have enuf munny to play around without going home lol
things are awesome  im in karate and im getting back a lil fit from it lol  my job is being the bomb    lol damn i wish i cud speak to you idk 
oh i will lvoe to see the painting !@! or w/v it is i mean
i hope these art lessons pay off and i damn the day u go to form 5 if this is how four is for you its been the longest possible ten days i swear to god time is moving real slow it feels like 2 months   lol,o yeah please dont agree with sello its pissing me off(well  u didnt but dont hes so effing annoying )
kristoff is rocking out now LOL listening to emo music
me n my friends coming out of  the rock closets i wear spikes to school lol and  we actually speak of our music loudy now all i got to do is get like the great kaze heathen and get a cd player in skew... nehow when i type here it kinda feels how you make me feel when im talking to you  lol but ill stop now cuz tis feels weird !
ps.jean luc hates crazy town!!@! . moneen( a band) rules lol  be happy ^_^ life resolves  n u will look badk at this one day and feel...umm...feel somehow lol xP
nehow i gots to go sleep
liam <3 Serenity :P (even if i aint trapped her (YET)JOKE!(yeah i can put inverted  things in inverted things cuz i rule) nehow)

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Ic  cant write a whole post recently (on either blog)
2 much hate way 2 much im not feelign anything
slipknoting it now...ts the only music i can relate to latly
i can understand why people like them now...
i can relate
thses days i dont feel like myself
everybody is seeing my ugly side! lol ive had a constant headache forever its not going but its really small it feels like its blocking my thoughts...  the hate and anger its the only way i cud express it without KILLING some1  im so streesseedd and alone well not totally alone but very alone..slipknot hushes the voices in my head they keep me company and numb me out when in alone,it fucking saves me ,it numbs me totally my mind my body my emotions my thoughts ...i hate all those things...When im fucking stressed and people keep fucking riding my back  slipknot is all i can hear it blocks out the noise(not fucking literal) it brings out my ugly side but i dont care cuz it makes me feel sane! IM NOT THE ONLY FUCKING ONE! it kills my logic and my motivation thins i dont need it kkills my love but that dsnt matter i love slipknot!
they might insult god sometimes, i cant resist to think that some people up there ignore me i am FORCED to think sometimes(im not losing my faith...)  it makes me craszy like fucking sane not the lyrics but the overall emotion in the music is EXACTTLLYY how  i fucking feeeell away the only way i cud describe it is away
 like a fuking out of body experience the screams ,oh the fuckign screams its liek hearing the insides of my mind outside ,All hope is not gone but FUCK so much of it helps me accept thsi world more it helps me  die ..dieing is good sometimes  when fucking PEOPLE TRY TO CONTROL FUCKiNg ME! with anything THE FUCKING BLISTER EXISTS and i feel like im the fucking blsieterr i feel left behind i feel like  im eyeless fuck i relate so fuckiung much sooo much of their songs its like my mind  slip basically ExPLAINS my uglyside they are my ugly sides favorite band FAVORITE the creepyness THE FUCKING BASS THE DRUMS THE FUCKING FURYYYY!! i love slipknot without them id fuckign flip  out and Fucking kill id curse alot more and a few people wud be dead  if i get posessed i hope it kills my conscience if i go to hell  i hope i dont burn ,when i feel sad and alone and fucking bad  and shittyand abandoned and fucking simply quite angry slipknot helps me let it out when im fucking alone its my only friend it holds back my fucking tears   i dont hate on slipknot cuz it seems liek they see life though my eyes it seems so relavant in some way like wayssssss when the anger is gone the wisdom comes back but for he while the weeks the days im fucking hateblinded it fuckign eats away at the back of my head it fucking makes me want to curse and hit and break  and the slipkmot lets it out insetead of me actually doing these things its way to much for me to type WAY TO FUCKING MUCH
later fuckign haters STAY SIC!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008
according to wikipedia

Yeah umm pointless post im just writing
according to wikipedia i have chronic insomnia
i suffer ALL Lthe syntoms even my  hallucinations my quickened reflexes the slow mo hours the yall are there plus i have insomnia lines ..they go quickly but two people asked m e if was wearing  eyeliner latly
nehow im sick of typing ...

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Monday, August 25, 2008

IM NOT FUCKIGN STEREOTYPING IM NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL GIRLS OF AGES 13-19 im  talking about those soul sucking heart breaking girls i know today ...
man i hate this website...

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as if i would leave this here... sorry this blog is dead
as dead as a door nail...
but once apon a time a long time ago they killed a dude
and he got back up three days later so who knows...

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

yeah im 2 negative in this mood
sorry blog ive abandoned you more or less
i love you ...

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