Sunday, March 14, 2010
3 years.

if u ever stumble upon just a tag...i rebuke verything i said here more or less i anyone cares ...i grew up,i lost my faith in woman hood and whatever go i believed in everythign jsut slipped to fuck away...i got a guitar ...i got with that simone girl we broke up became friends again and now i dont know where she is slipknot is soft core rock to me ...i can do harder vocals myself... its 5.15 am...i couldnt sleep jsut got home from liming with andrew and suza... my friends stuck around .. who would of thought .. suza andrew and chino stuck around the most the rest of previously mentioned friends are gone more or less...lifes a short song i dont miss them they not gone on bad notes cept for some.. I find my self pondering on the irony of life...and its bitterness lately...all my free time is over as i start work on monday... i think this is how my life ends.. that era to bigger and better things...who knows?

Posted at 02:46 pm by sadface

March 15, 2010   06:16 AM PDT
Bigger better things of course!!!!, i resent that statement.... I aint gone no where, im here and i'll always be here aslong as you want me to be

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